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The PLAYTRI Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in PLAYTRI Franchising!  At PLAYTRI, we share an unrivaled passion for triathlon.  We’re eager to share that passion with others and help develop healthy active communities through our enthusiastic store owners and grass roots endurance programs.    

Our business model offers an exciting blend of entrepreneurship and community advocacy, and our store owners are the “tip of the spear” for all things triathlon in their respective markets.  The leadership team and I are excited to learn more about you and see if you’re the right fit to be part of our nationwide expansion.  

We invite you review the following pages to learn if PLAYTRI is the franchise opportunity you’ve been looking for to live your passion!


Stephan C. Brown, CEO



Endurance House and PLAYTRI have merged creating the largest chain of triathlon focused retail stores in the U.S., with 18 locations in 9 states. Learn how you can OWN YOUR PASSION by becoming a PLAYTRI franchisee. Please read the details below and reach out if you have any questions: Request Additional Information


In 2000, PLAYTRI was founded as a triathlon coaching company, adding race production in 2004. In 2011 the husband and wife team of Ahmed Zaher and Staci Brode would open the first of 6 PLAYTRI stores.  Zaher and Brode, both avid athletes, saw the stores as great places for athletes of all levels to gather in the community. Over time they worked to perfect the model enabling them to help more people reach their health and fitness goals. Zaher brings a wealth of athletic training to the business as a former member of the Egyptian Olympic swim team and 8-time Hawaii Ironman finisher. Trained as a Mechanical Engineer, Zaher has extensive experience as a Shell and Exxon franchisee. Brode holds a Marketing and Business Honors degree from the University of Texas at Austin and found the sport of triathlon in 2001 while looking for a way to get back in shape; and would join Zaher to found PLAYTRI.

Announced in June 2018, PLAYTRI Franchising LLC acquired Endurance House International LLC.

Endurance House was founded in 2006 by Jamie and Tara Osborn to supply gear to people with a passion for triathlons, marathons, swimming and all things endurance. They combined their business and marketing experience into a profitable business and shared the opportunity with others by helping people all over the United States to “Own Their Passion” by becoming Endurance House franchise owners. Endurance House now operates 12 stores in nine states and has impressive annual sales growth. The Osborn’s are avid triathletes and will continue on as a part of the leadership team with PLAYTRI.

This acquisition combines two powerhouses in the world of triathlon retailing into the largest chain of triathlon-focused retail locations in the nation, with 18 locations in nine states.

Rounding out the leadership team as the CEO of PLAYTRI Franchising is Stephan Brown, an experienced senior executive in the consumer products industry: Humminbird Marine Electronics, the Experimental Aircraft Association and most recently as the 10-year CEO of the Commemorative Air Force, Inc – the largest flying, vintage-military aircraft organization in the world. Brown has competed as an age group triathlete for 32 years and owns the PLAYTRI Colleyville franchise location.

According to Brown, “PLAYTRI Franchising LLC plans to actively expand; with the goal of operating in all 50 U.S. States; training and equipping athletes to reach their fitness goals in the most well-rounded athletic endeavor ever conceived.”


Our Philosophy

Coaching and knowledge are the heart of the business.  Educating athletes in every aspect of swim/bike/run is the passion that drives our approach and our mission.  Offering brick and mortar stores with exceptional service, expansive selection and critical knowledge enable athletes from all backgrounds to have a place they can invest in their health and well being. 

Our Market

Our market is the triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer and general health enthusiast looking for a one stop shop for all their health needs. We appeal to those looking for education and/or knowledge to get started or stay motivated in a place they can trust to give them guidance for their goal. Anyone who wants to make a conscious investment in their health is a potential client.

Our Model

We love triathlon and multisport, but our goal is to help people find a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. They pick the goal and we help them get there. We offer the knowledge and guidance for a client to reach their goals combined with the equipment and supplies to help them achieve those goals.

Our responsibility is that customers know when they walk in the door, our goal is to meet their health goals not just sell them something.   We do this through education of the staff on product knowledge from a coaching perspective. 


 Playtri offers key resources to set up a franchise to be successful:

·      Strong vendor partner relationships

·      Coaching knowledge combined with retail has proven to be a successful model

·      Our buying power enables our franchisees to capitalize on increased margins from vendors

·      We offer a consignment program on bikes and wheels to “get you going”.  Expansive inventory is crucial to the initial success of a brick and mortar triathlon store and Playtri is committed to making sure our franchisees start off with what they need.


Participating in the business opportunity we offer requires certain financial qualification.

  • Net Worth:  Minimum of $300,000
  • Liquid Assets:  Minimum of $50,000
  • Franchise Fee: $29,500
  • Total Investment: $173,500 to $399,667
  • Royalty:  5%
  • Financing: Is Available
  • Qualified Veterans and Minorities:  Receive a $10,000 discount on the franchise fee and a reduced royalty fee for the first two years of business.
  • Current Bike/Run Shop Owners: Receive a $10,000 discount on the franchise fee and a reduced royalty fee for the first two years of business.
  • Initial Investment: Click Here



Playtri offers a comprehensive classroom and in-store training that covers all aspects of what you need to know as a Playtri franchisee. 

  • 2 Full Weeks of Training – national office and in-store
  • Ongoing Phone & Email Support
  • Online System to Access Training Materials, Franchise Manual, Marketing Tools
  • Best Practices for Buying, Selling, Inventory and Cash Management
  • Trusted Corporate Vendor Partners
  • Site selection support
  • Pre – designed local marketing support
  • Store Opening Assistance



We are currently the largest chain of triathlon focused retail stores in the U.S., with 18 locations in 9 states. We aim to have a retail location in major cities across the country where we can service our target customers.  It is important for us to be able to provide the best support possible to ensure a strong successful franchise system to our franchisees so we will carefully evaluate expansion plans as we grow.      


Franchisees can expect to pay a 5% royalty fee of gross sales. Franchisees will contribute up to 1% of gross sales to a National Advertising Fund as well as 2% for local store marketing activities. All fees, estimated initial investment costs, contracts, corporate financial statements, and other valuable information are included in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).


Playtri Franchising, LLC does offer financing.  Franchisees who meet certain qualifications may have access to financing as outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).


Playtri has a dedicated team that offers ongoing email and phone support. We provide site selection assistance, classroom and in-store training that cover all aspects of running a retail store, training and support to help build a profitable business and an in-person brand launch.  We are here to make sure Playtri’s opening in your market is a success.  


The standard recommended store size is 2,500 to 4,000 sq. ft.  There are numerous things to consider when choosing a location and size.  Playtri will assist you with these decisions as part of the site selection process.


Playtri is looking for franchisee’s that have a passion for helping people get healthy and are willing to work hard while following the system we have set forth.    


The general timeline is approximately 6-8 months from the time the Franchise Agreement is signed to the grand opening.  Different factors can affect this timeline.


None of the communications made through this Web site should be construed as an offer to sell any franchise in, nor is any such communication directed to, the residents of any jurisdiction requiring registration of the franchise before it is offered or sold in the jurisdiction.  No franchises will be sold to any resident of any such jurisdiction until the offer has been exempted from the requirements of, or duly registered in and declared effective by, such jurisdiction and the required Franchise Disclosure Document (if any) has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law,  If you have any questions concerning the registration status of franchises in your jurisdiction, please contact us at 

We are happy to answer any and all inquiring about our franchise program.