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Why Playtri - Franchise

Our Philosophy

Coaching and knowledge are the heart of the business.  Educating athletes in every aspect of swim/bike/run is the passion that drives our approach and our mission.  Offering brick and mortar stores with exceptional service, expansive selection and critical knowledge enable athletes from all backgrounds to have a place they can invest in their health and well being. 

Our Market

Our market is the triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer and general health enthusiast looking for a one stop shop for all their health needs. We appeal to those looking for education and/or knowledge to get started or stay motivated in a place they can trust to give them guidance for their goal. Anyone who wants to make a conscious investment in their health is a potential client.

Our Model

We love triathlon and multisport, but our goal is to help people find a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. They pick the goal and we help them get there. We offer the knowledge and guidance for a client to reach their goals combined with the equipment and supplies to help them achieve those goals.

Our responsibility is that customers know when they walk in the door, our goal is to meet their health goals not just sell them something.   We do this through education of the staff on product knowledge from a coaching perspective. 


 Playtri offers key resources to set up a franchise to be successful:

·      Strong vendor partner relationships

·      Coaching knowledge combined with retail has proven to be a successful model

·      Our buying power enables our franchisees to capitalize on increased margins from vendors

·      We offer a consignment program on bikes and wheels to “get you going”.  Expansive inventory is crucial to the initial success of a brick and mortar triathlon store and Playtri is committed to making sure our franchisees start off with what they need.