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Cervelo P5 SRAM Red AXS w/ Vuka Shift AXS 90 Zipp 454 NSW Wheels - 2024

by Cervelo
Original price $15,499.99 - Original price $15,499.99
Original price
$15,499.99 - $15,499.99
Current price $15,499.99
Color: Twilight
Size: 56CM

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The Cervelo P5 SRAM Red AXS with Vuka Shift AXS 90 and Zipp 454 NSW Wheels is a high-performance time trial and triathlon bike that seamlessly combines aerodynamic excellence with cutting-edge components. Crafted by the renowned Canadian brand Cervelo, this bike is meticulously designed to provide cyclists with the ultimate racing experience, delivering speed, precision, and efficiency.

At the heart of the P5 is the SRAM Red AXS groupset, featuring a wireless electronic drivetrain with a 12-speed cassette. This state-of-the-art system offers cyclists precise and rapid shifting capabilities with the convenience of wireless technology, eliminating traditional cables. The integration of SRAM Red AXS not only ensures top-tier performance but also contributes to the bike's overall aerodynamic efficiency, allowing riders to maximize their speed.

The Vuka Shift AXS 90 cockpit enhances the bike's aerodynamic profile by seamlessly integrating the shifters into the handlebar extensions. This integrated design not only contributes to the bike's sleek appearance but also minimizes air resistance, allowing riders to maintain an optimal aerodynamic position while making quick and efficient gear changes.

The Zipp 454 NSW Wheels are a standout feature, renowned for their innovative design and exceptional aerodynamics. These deep-section carbon wheels provide excellent stability, reduce drag, and enhance overall speed. The combination of Vuka Shift AXS 90 and Zipp 454 NSW Wheels makes the P5 a formidable choice for cyclists who demand the highest level of performance in time trials and triathlons.

The frame of the P5 is engineered with aerodynamics in mind, featuring tube shapes, integrated storage solutions, and concealed cable routing to minimize air resistance. Constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, the frame delivers the ideal blend of stiffness and compliance for efficient power transfer and rider comfort.

Tailored for time trialists and triathletes, the P5's geometry encourages an aggressive yet sustainable riding position. The bike's adjustability allows riders to fine-tune their fit for optimal aerodynamics and comfort during long-distance efforts.

In addition to its aerodynamic prowess, the SRAM Red AXS components offer precise shifting and a lightweight build, contributing to the bike's overall efficiency. The hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable and powerful stopping, ensuring control in diverse riding conditions.

For cyclists seeking a top-tier time trial and triathlon bike that combines cutting-edge technology with aerodynamic excellence, the Cervelo P5 SRAM Red AXS with Vuka Shift AXS 90 and Zipp 454 NSW Wheels is a standout choice. This bike represents the pinnacle of performance, providing riders with the tools to achieve their best results in races against the clock.