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Felt IA Advanced SRAM Force AXS - Reynolds AR 58/62x Wheels - Desert Geo 2023

by Felt
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Size: 48CM

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The Felt IA Advanced SRAM Force AXS with Reynolds AR 58/62x Wheels is an elite-level triathlon and time trial bike designed to dominate the racecourse with its combination of advanced technology and high-performance components.

At its heart, the IA Advanced features a meticulously engineered carbon frame, providing the perfect blend of stiffness, aerodynamics, and lightweight construction. This frame is paired with SRAM's Force AXS electronic shifting system, offering precise and reliable gear changes for optimal performance during intense racing conditions.

The inclusion of Reynolds AR 58/62x Wheels further enhances the bike's speed and stability. These carbon wheels are specifically designed to slice through the air with minimal drag, while also providing excellent handling and responsiveness, especially in crosswind situations.

With its aerodynamic profile, electronic shifting capabilities, and high-quality wheelset, the Felt IA Advanced SRAM Force AXS with Reynolds AR 58/62x Wheels is engineered to deliver maximum speed and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for serious triathletes and time trialists seeking to achieve their personal bests on race day.